1. Purpose

This Terms of Service Agreement sets forth rules related to the use of services provided by Jiransoft (henceforth ‘the company’), including rights, obligations, responsibilities, and others.

2. Definition

Definitions of terms to be used in this Terms of Service Agreement are as follows:

  • 1. ‘Service’ implies all kinds of service that the company provides for ‘members,’ regardless of type of terminals (desktop computer, mobile device, or any other fixed-line and wireless devices).
  • 2. ‘Member’ is defined as those customers who access the service, sign a Terms of Use Agreement with the company, and use services provided by the company.
  • 3. ‘ID’ is an email address that a member enters when signing up for the service for identification purposes.
  • 4. ‘Password’ is defined as a combination of letters and numbers of the user’s choice for the purpose of verifying the user’s ID.
  • 5. ‘Free service’ is a service provided by the company free of charge.

3. Notification and Revision of the Terms of Service

  • 1. These Terms of Service go into effect by notifying members by way of the service screen or by any other means.
  • 2. The company may revise the Terms of Service for the purpose of its business operation or any other circumstances and it must notify users of the revised Terms of Service a week before the effective date on the service-related page of its official website. Members have the right to decline the revised terms and may not use the service unless agreement is made to the revised terms. If a member does not raise an objection to the revised terms within the time period specified above, the member is considered to have consented to the terms.

4. Signing of Terms of Service

  • 1. The contract is concluded automatically once the person who wants to be a member (henceforth ‘applicant’) consents to the terms of the contract and completes the member sign-up process.
  • 2. The company in principle permits all applicants to be signed up for the service. However, the company reserves the right to withhold membership privileges in the following cases.
    • A. If the applicant lost the membership privilege previously under the same terms of the contract. In this case, the applicant must obtain a separate approval from the company.
    • B. If the applicant uses a fictitious name or borrows someone else’s name.
    • C. If the applicant fills out false information or fails to complete all required fields.
    • D. If the applicant is in violation of certain rules as set forth by the company or applies for the membership in breach of the company’s rules.
  • 3. The company may postpone membership approval if its service capacity does not allow it or any other technical or business problems.
  • 4. If the company does not approve the applicant’s membership application in accordance with 2 and 3 above, it must in principle notify the applicant of this fact.

5. Members’ Obligation to Keep ID and Password Secure

  • 1. Members have the obligation to keep their ID and password secure and must not share it or allow anyone else to use it for any reason.
  • 2. If the member recognizes that his/her ID and password are being unlawfully used, he/she must immediately notify the company of such fact and follow the company’s instructions.
  • 3. The company is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the case above, even when the member notifies the company but fails to follow its instructions.
  • 4. The member must go online and revise any of the information he/she filled out at sign-up when a change occurs. Any problem that arises from not changing the information is the sole responsibility of the member.

6. Notification to the Member

  • 1. Unless otherwise specified, the company may post notifications on the website or send email messages to the member for notification purposes.

7. Obligations of the Company)

  • 1. Except under special circumstances, the company must make the service available to the member on the day of the application.
  • 2. The company has an obligation to provide the service in a stable manner as specified in these Terms of Service.
  • 3. The company must keep personal information of the member strictly secure and never provide it to third-party organizations or individuals except in cases mandated by law.
  • 4. The company must comply with requests or complaints made by the member as long as they are deemed reasonable. The company must notify the member of progress on requests or complaints through the bulletin board or email.

8. Obligations of Members

  • 1. Members must not engage in the following acts:
    • A. Enter false information upon membership sign-up or revision
    • B. Steal others’ personal information
    • C. Revise information posted by the company
    • D. Transmit or post information (such as computer programs) other than those permitted by the company
    • E. Defame the company or a third person or obstruct normal operations of the company’s business
    • F. Disclose or post obscene, violent, or any other socially unacceptable information on the service
    • G. Use the service for commercial purposes without the explicit consent of the company
    • H. Commit any other unlawful or unjustified act
  • 2. The member must comply with related laws, the Terms of Service Agreement, user cautions related to this service, and other notifications made by the company. The member must not do anything that obstructs the company’s normal business operations.

9. Service Provision

  • 1. The company provides the following services:
    • A. File transmission service
    • B. File management service linking desktop computer and mobile devices
    • C. Desktop computer remote logout service
    • D. Any other services to be developed by the company or provided by the company jointly with other companies
  • 2. Services are provided 24/7 in principle.
  • 3. The company may suspend services temporarily for reasons such as regular maintenance and repair of computer and communications equipment or any other reason deemed justifiable. In this case, the company will notify members as specified in 6. Notification to the Member In cases where the company is unable to notify members in advance, notifications will be made after the fact.
  • 4. The company may conduct regular inspections as deemed necessary and the time schedule will be posted on the website’s service-related pages.

10. Change in Services

  • 1. The company may change all or part of the services for technical or business reasons as deemed necessary.
  • 2. The company must post in advance all the details of any change on the website’s service-related pages including the service’s content, service delivery, or service time schedule.
  • 3. The company may change (discontinue or revise) all or part of the free-of-charge services whenever deemed necessary for the company’s business. In this case, the company does not compensate members unless otherwise specified.

11. Provision of Information and Publication of Advertising

  • 1. The company may provide a variety of information deemed useful for members by means of notifications and email messages. Members, however, can always decline email notifications except when replying to customer inquiries.
  • 2. Members must not change, revise, or restrict postings or any other information related to the service provided by the company.

12. Restriction of Use

  • 1. The company may restrict the use of the service when a member is in violation of the Terms of Service Agreement and obstructs normal operations of the service.
  • 2. When restricting the use of the service, the company will notify members in accordance with 6. Notification to the Member.
  • 3. A member whose privileges are restricted by the company may raise an objection to the measure in accordance with procedures set by the company. If the company finds the member’s objection justifiable, it must resume the service immediately.

13. Limitation of Liability

  • 1. In cases where the company is unable to provide the service under circumstances beyond its control such as natural disasters, it is not responsible for any loss, damage, or inconvenience experienced by members.
  • 2. The company is not responsible for loss to members in relation to the service whose fault is attributable to members.
  • 3. The company, executives and employees of the company, and its agents are not responsible for any loss caused by the following cases:
    • A. Losses arising from false information or inaccurate statements made or supplied by the member
    • B. Personal loss occurring in the process of using the service regardless of its nature and cause
    • C. Losses arising from unlawful access to or illegal use of servers by a third-party
    • D. Losses resulting from virus, spyware, or any other malware programs spread by a third-party through the service.
    • E. Losses originating from error, omission, or destruction of transmitted data
  • 4. The company is not responsible for any loss related to the use of free services unless otherwise specified in special laws.

This Terms of Service Agreement is effective on February 4, 2015.