FlyingFile transfer files in three ways.

You can use the best method according to your network environment.
(Much more efficient than a program that supports only one transmission method)

The second feature of the Android app, Android and File Transfer (near)
Transfer files in 'WiFi-Direct' mode, not WiFi.

The 'WiFi-Direct' method does not use the Internet (WiFi / 3G / LTE)
Two Android devices are connected directly to transfer files.
(Both devices must run the FlyingFile app and select the 'File transfer with Android (Near)' feature.)

Note that for seamless WiFi-Direct file transfer on all Android devices
Temporarily disconnect from the wireless router (AP).

Therefore, a wireless router (AP) release notification message is generated, and the terminal is switched to 3G or LTE,
Actual file transfer is transmitted using 'WiFi-Direct' method and does not use any data at all.

If Android OS version is over 4.0X(icecream sandwich)version, It's possible to connect to all of advices in regardless of manufacturer and model.

WiFi-Direct is technology which communicates to device supports Wifi-Direct direct without connection to wireless sharer(AP). There is a best advantage of fast transfer speed of 250Mbps.

Because of not connecting to wireless sharer(AP), It's available to transfer file connecting to mobile device directly in regardless of connecting to internet.

1. In case that PC is connected to AP and becomes privacy IP, It's connected to a way of server in situation that mobile terminal isn't connected to sharer such as PC.
→ Please Connect mobile terminal to sharer such as PC or change PC to official IP.

2. If the firewall is set up, It's connected to a way of the server.
→ Window firewall check : control panel - Windows firewall - Please check out whether FlyingFile is permitted or not in "Permit program or function through Windows firewall".
→ Vaccine program check : Please check out whether FlyingFile is blocked in the firewall of vaccine program network or not.

It's connected to PC in regardless of the 3G / LTE / WiF.
- But, In the situation of connection to 3G / LTE, I suggest you connect to Wifi because of consuming user's data, when transferring files.

■ Direct connection: PC is connected to mobile device directly and, it's possible to transfer files fast without the limitation of transfer capacity.
- In the case that PC is the official IP, It's connected directly in regardless of the network of mobile device.
- In the case that PC is connected to the sharer, It's private IP but, mobile device is connected to sharer, It's connected directly.

■ The connection in a way of server: In the case that PC isn't connected to mobile device directly, It's connected in a way of server and then, It's possible to transfer files of 20GB every month.

- In the case that PC is inside the firewall. It's connected in a way of the server.
- In the case that PC is private IP because of connecting to sharer, Mobile device isn't connected to sharer such as PC, It's connected in a way of server.

It's a principle that FlyingFile is one account and connect to pc and mobile one to one.
- But, If there is over two PC, You can select PC for connecting and join it.